About US


Mr. Joseph M Director of Studies


To provide teaching and training in communication for development, consultancy services to mass media and conducting social economic research.


A Competitive Tanzania Media Sector, with journalists who are professional, gifted, economic able and social responsible.

Objectives of Arusha Journalism Training College

To preserve, transmit and enhance a broad base of knowledge for the benefit of its students.

To empower students to develop their fundamental capabilities, assist them to think critically and be skillful in communication and methods of enquiry.

To create a sense of public responsibility in the students.

To encourage perspectives and moral values embodying a sense of vacation, deep concern for human betterment, and the obligation of service to others, equality among persons, loyalty to the to the truth and responsible citizenship.

To develop and promote leadership with moral character and instilled with a sense of care and responsibility to all.

To stimulate and promote cultural development, interpersonal relationships and international understanding among students.

To promote an understanding of the practical applications of knowledge, including the historical origin, purpose and meaning of life, a balance of intellectual and spiritual values and the integration of various cultures.

The student body is drawn from Tanzania, Africa and other parts of the world, regardless of race, creed, color, and gender, religion or political opinion.
There is no any test of religious belief, political belief, race, creed ethnic origin, nationality or gender shall be imposed any person seeking admission as a student at Arusha Journalism Training college
Functions of Arusha Journalism Training College
1.To provide courses leading to certificates and diplomas.
2.To hold examinations and confer certificates and diploma upon persons who have 3. followed course of study approved by the Arusha Journalism Training College, Academic Committee, and additionally or alternatively has satisfied such other requirements as may be determined by the committee.
3.To provide for research and courses of Instruction for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge.
4.To provide for courses of Instruction on a full- time basis, by correspondence, extramural and on campus.
5.To erect, equip and maintain classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, offices, libraries, museums and halls of residence and other buildings and structures, required for the fulfillment of the Arusha Journalism Training College objectives.
6.To provide and maintain sport fields and other recreational facilities for its students and members of its staffs.
7.To acquire through its Body of Directors, any property, movable, or immovable, and to take accept and hold any property which may become vested in it by way of purchase, exchange, grant, donation, lease or testamentary disposition.
8.To sell mortgage, let or hire exchange, donate or otherwise dispose of any property held by it.